30 Day Fitness Challenges
Mobile Application

Redesigned & rebuilt from the ground up for 2014, the 30 Day Fitness Challenges mobile app is now a world leading health and fitness application.

Built for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad as well as Android mobile devices and tablets, the 30 Day Fitness Challenges mobile application will help you get fit & healthy in only 30 days.


Available for iPhone & iPad OR Android


NEW 30 day fitness App Features

Built from the ground up for pixel perfect design


Login to your own user profile, where you can track and monitor your progress as you complete each 30 Day Fitness Challenge


Set up mulitple daily calendar reminders for each challenge individually, so you never forget to complete each days exercises.


Choose your own level of difficulty for each challenge to suit your needs and level of fitness, from easy, normal and hard.

30 Day Fitness Challenges iPhone Application Features


Built in timer function for all challenges so you can test yourself against the clock - perfect for the plank and wall sit challenges.


Share your daily progress with your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus followers via our quick and easy social sharing options.


View easy to follow and copy video tutorials for all of our exercise techniques, so you have no excuses not to complete a day of your challenge!

get fit in only 30 days

With the help of our app you can get fit and healthy in only 30 days!

30 Day Fitness Challenges Android Application

19 Fitness Challenges

Choose from 1 or more of our 19 30 Day Fitness Challenges, which range from the popular plank challenge, squat challenge and abs challenge to full body workouts such as the beach body challenge.

Over 40 Exercise Technique Guides

Learn how to complete all of the exercises involved in the 30 Day Fitness Challenges by studying our exercise technique pages, which have detailed step by step guides along with video tutorials.

Easy To Follow Programmes

Our 30 Day Fitness Challenges are easy to follow, as you do a number of exercises once a day everyday for 30 days - the app will monitor and show your progress as you complete each day.

Track & Monitor Progress

The updated app now has built in challenge tracking which informs you of which day you are on for each challenge, along with achievements and rewards when you complete a full challenge.

Personalise Your Experience

You can now choose from easy, normal or hard difficulties for each of the 30 Day Fitness Challenges, which means you can push yourself or break yourself in gently to all of the challenges.

Challenge Your Friends

Share your progress with your friends via the built in social sharing option, this will enable you to push and challenge your friends and have more fun as you complete the challenges.

Check out how the app works.

View our video demonstration to see all the features and functions of the app

View our demonstration video

Our demo video shows exactly how our mobile application works, and gives you a detailed preview before you buy. The video demo was shot on an iPhone 5 simulator, but our Android version works exactly the same way.

  • Detailed demonstration of all app functions
  • View exactly what the app does before you buy
  • See how clean and crisp the app looks on a device
  • View the benefits it can have to your fitness regime
  • Peice of mind before you buy

ONLY $2.99 / £1.99


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